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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Shaun in the City - London Edition

Mrs T-E, Junior and I visited one of my favourite London pubs for a "Swift Half" a couple of Fridays ago and as is the way with these things, we ended up walking back the Victoria Station. This almost  always seems to take us from Trafalgar Square, down The Mall and past Queenies Place.

As we crossed the road to Admiralty Arch, we spotted this fella on a traffic island.
No. 1 - Nelson by Benjamin Cox & Vojtech Dvorak
At the top of The Mall on the right just passed Admiralty Arch we found another.
No. 2 - Me Llamo Shaun by Edgar Orlainefa
For those of you who don't recognise him, this is Shaun the Sheep of Wallace & Gromit fame. Basically there are 50 ewe-nique Shaun's dotted around London and each one has been designed by a different artist and given an appropriate name. They were placed in position on 28th March 2015 and will be herded up again on 31st May. There are also another 70 Shaun's that will be let lose in Bristol from 6th July to 31st August. At the end of the summer they are to be auctioned off for charity. To find out more please visit this website;


Therefore last Saturday Mrs. T-E and I, armed with a special map, camera and an iPhone app set off in search of the remaining 48 London Shaun's. 10 hours, 14 miles, two beers, a pulled pork bap, a coffee and biscuit later we had completed our quest in Green Park.

Shaun No. 50 with Mrs. T-E & I in Green Park (Queenies Place behind)
He are the remaining Shaun's that we found.

No. 3 - Mittens by Simon Tofield
No. 4 - Lenny by Vivi Cuevas
No. 5 - Petal by Emily Ketteringham
No. 6 - Globetrotter by Sarah Matthews

No. 7 - Yeoman of the Baaard by Vivi Cuevas

No. 8 - Shaun-xiĆ o by Stephen Taylor

No. 9 - Liberty Bell by Shaun in the City team

No. 10 - Kanzashi by Kate Strudwick

No. 11 - Shanghai Shaun by Ashley Boddy

No. 12 - Robo-Shuan by Tim Sutcliffe

No. 13 - Ruffles by Deborah Wilding

No. 14 - The Pearly King by Ruth Broadway

No. 15 - Mr Shaun by Mr. Men Little Miss

No. 16 - Counting Sheep by Gerald Scarfe

No. 17 - The Guardian by Vivi Cuevas

No. 18 - Woolly Wiggle by Sandra Rhodes

No. 19 - Fine & Gandy by David Gandy

No. 20 - A Capital View by Laura Cramer

No. 21 - Chelsea Pen-Shaun-er by In honour of the Chelsea Pensioners

No. 22 - Sheep Shape & Bristol Fashion by Gavin Strange

No. 23 - Out of This World by Josh & Aimee Williams

No. 24 - Baa-roque by Sadie Butler

No. 25 - Literary Lamb by P J Crook

No. 26 - Hamish by Ros Franklin

No. 27 - To Sheep Perchance to Dream by One Red Shoe

No. 28 - Br-ewe-nel by Brunel University

No. 29 - Hello Kitty's @onekindthing by Sanrio

No. 30 - Golden Fleece by Nigel Leach
No. 31 - Ewe-nion Jack by Laura Cramer 

No. 32 - Frida Baa-hlo by Ruth Broadway

No. 33 - Pinky Plum by Roksanda Ilincic

No. 34 - Candy Baa by Emily Golden

No. 35 - Another One Rides the Bus by Susan Donna Webber

No. 36 - Flash by Chris Haughton

No. 37 - Paradise Bunch by Cath Kidston
(Notice the shop sign just behind Shaun's head)

No. 38 - PADDINGTON Shaun by Paddington

No. 39 - Lambmark Larry by Jenny Urquhart

No. 40 - Baa-bushka by Rachel Shilston

No. 41 - Rule Britannia by Steve Anthony

No.42 - Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom by Astley Baker Davies

No. 43 - Ram of the Match by Visit England

No. 44 - Monsters! by Chris Riddell

No. 45 - The Gruffalo Shaun by Axel Scheffler

No. 46 - Jinghai by Simon Farrell

No. 47 - Mossy Bottom by Sylvia Bull

No. 48 - Wooly Jumbo by Joseph Dunmore

No. 49 - Rainbow by Tatty Devine

No. 50 - Happy & Glorious by Vivi Cuevas
We are now considering taking this years summer camping trip near Bristol so we can track down the remain 70 Shaun's. We may need a guide Sherri; hint, hint.

Note: The numbers on the photos represent the order in which we discovered the Shauns and are not their official numbers given to them by the Shaun in the City organisers. 


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