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Monday, 4 May 2009

We're On A Road To Nowhere

After months of not being able to ride my bike due to lack of time, work commitments and financial constraints, I’ve finally got my beloved CBF1000 back on the road. In fact since November 2008 I’ve gone from being an everyday hairy arsed biker type covering 12,000 miles a year to a virtual non-rider. In that period from November to May I think I’ve ridden no more than 200 miles.

However, just before Easter I had my bike serviced and hoped to get out that weekend. The trouble was that the service showed up a rear brake problem. The pads where right on the limit and needed changing immediately, but unfortuantly I was unable to get replacements in time. I finally managed to hunt down the required pads last Friday and I fitted them on Saturday.

On Sunday morning, Pablos and I set off at last for our much anticipated trip. The plan was to ride to Bury Hill, hoping to meet up with like minded members of the World famous Bury Hill Bikers. We had travelled about 8 miles from my place, when Pablos pulled into a layby. One of his rear indicators had stopped working, so we set about fixing it at the road side. It didn’t take too long to cure, but that’s when the real fun started.

His bike failed to start and refused all attempts to persuade it into life. Even the usual push start wasn’t working this time around. We spent the next hour and a half sitting at the side of the road watching the world go by, until his Wife arrived by car with jump leads and more tools.

It took under a minute to get his bike fired up and there was just enough time left for a quick dash to his place for tea before I made the short journey home.

It wasn’t how either of us had intended to spend our Sunday morning and I felt really bad for him as he was probably blaming himself for messing up the ride. I tried my best to put him at ease and after all, we did get out and have a laugh. Missing out on our now customary “Bikers Breakfast” probably won’t do us any harm either.

Next time I’ll make sure he’s packed jump leads before we set off 8-)


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