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Friday, 30 July 2010

Life Goes On

I had great plans for 2010. A new job with new opportunities, I joined my local camera club to improve my skills and the rest was a blank page. After last years downs I was determined to get my life straight and move forward.

However, my Father-in-Laws (Weezy) lung condition worsened as the year progressed. He spent quite a lot of time in hospital. He came home in late May only to return to hospital three days later. A few weeks later he was once again back home, but refused to eat and wouldn't get out of bad.

My elder Brother-in-Law (Dopey) cared for him 24/7, but he still wasn't improving so the Family Doctor was called. He invited the family to his surgery for a chat, where he broke the news that Weezy was getting worse. He gave him just two weeks to live.

Three days later, on 24th June, Weezy passed away in his sleep, with Dopey at his side.

Although we all knew it was coming, it didn't make it any easier.

That's when the real drama began to unfold and since his passing all our lives have been a nightmare. But more of that later.

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