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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Camden Triangle

A colleague and I are currently working night shift on an LUL Signalling project in London. We must have really annoyed some one in the company, as we are on permanent nights for the whole of the summer. In fact we haven’t been to our Croydon Office since February this year. Although we haven’t actually been anywhere near Coventry, we both feel as if that’s where we’ve been sent. However, in the current economic climate at least we can say we still have our jobs where many thousands of others don’t. Of that I’m very grateful indeed.

One thing that we have noticed while in London is that my colleagues TomTom Go700 SatNav keeps drawing us into the one way systems round Camden and refuses to let us out again. The SatNav constantly tries to send us the wrong way down one-way streets, making it very difficult to get out of the area. On our first visit we managed to drive round Mornington Crescent tube station at least five times!!!!

I can only assume that the road directions in Camden have been changed since he last updated his maps about two years ago. We have since avoided the area at all costs.

The moral of this story is –

Don’t forget to regularly update your SatNav’s mapping information.

You have been warned.


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