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Friday, 3 January 2014

Good Bye Croydon Old Friend

I've spent most of the last 23 years working in Croydon. In that time I have worked in three different offices.
Southern House, Croydon - 7th December 2006 (1990-2002 & 2006-2009)

46 George Street, Croydon - (2002-2006)
No.1 Croydon - 11th May 2010 (2010-2014)
It's not the most exciting or beautiful of places, but to me it has become my second home. I even went to College there.
Croydon College
Today however is my last day of employment in Croydon for the foreseeable future. After exactly 4 years in my current position, I have decided to move on. My new role will take me to a modern office building in the heart of London. In fact, it is virtually in the shadow of that iconic London structure, Tower Bridge. The area where my new office is situated appeared on an 'Art of Noise' 12" single sleeve when I was still at school.

Although I shall miss Croydon with all her idiosyncrasies, ugly buildings and tram system, I shall still pass by her everyday on my way to the Big Smoke.

Croydon from the Office - 11th January 2007
Good bye old friend, I'm going to miss you!


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