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Monday, 25 July 2011

Norwegian Tragedy

On Friday 22nd July 2011 a Norwegian Man set off a huge bomb in Oslo and then proceeded to murder numerous people at a youth camp on a nearby coastal island. So far about 95 people have been confirmed died at the hands of this deranged being.

My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones and the Norwegian people. The Norwegian people in general are a peace loving nation. I found them to be very nice people when I visited Norway in my youth. It is a truly beautiful county and the events of last Friday have saddened me greatly.

I cannot even begin to understand what drives seeming ordinary people to do such despicable things to their fellow humans. It is just beyond all reason and goes completely against the morals of right minded people anywhere. I don't care what his reasoning was behind this horrible crime, because there is just no way that what he did could possibly be justified. I refuse to even mention his name. That would be far more than he ever deserves.

My thoughts and prayers are for those innocent people & their families who have had their lives destroyed in such an unspeakable way by this hideous man.


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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New Shoe Direct to the Door

I don't often buy shoes, but when I do I like to get good ones. I've found that Clarks shoe, although at little pricey, last far better than any other high street brand I've tried. The trip is to wait for a sale and then get them half price. Typicaly I pay around £40 for an £80 pair.
My current pair have lasted me somewhere between 3 or 4 years, but are looking quite tired now. The insoles are almost non-existant, which makes them quite uncomfortable to wear if walk any great distance. I can't really complain as I walk between 7 and 10 miles a day Monday to Friday. According to my pedometer that is. I feel I've had my moneys worth.

On Sunday I popped into Clarks as i noticed they were having a sale. They had the usual types of formal shoes I like, but none were quite right. However, they did have a very nice pair in a size 9 that I rather liked, but they were a but narrow and they had no 9 1/2's left. I was surprised to learn that i could order them in 9 1/2 and have them delivered direct to my door at no extra charge, while still paying the sale price. I was concerned there might be a problem if they didn't fit, but they told me to just bring them back. That's what I call service. Top marks Clarks. A lot of other retailers could learn a lot from them.

They arrived today and so far they're a great fit and I am a very satisfied customer. I think ill drop them an email to say thanks. 8-)

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What's That Smell?

I'm a fan of smelly cheese, as my wife like to call it. My favourite has to be good old English Stilton. My wife however is not a fan and the best she can manage is Medium Cheddar. It's a shame as she's missing out on huge amounts of flavour and enjoyment.

It does mean that there's more for me I suppose, so there is an up side LOL.

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