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Monday, 30 June 2014

Today I am Sad and Sickened !!!!

Rolf Harris, one of my favourite and most respected entertainers has fallen from grace with an enormous crash. For today he has been convicted on twelve counts of indecent assault.

During my youth he was omnipresent on the TV and I also saw he as a great man. Someone to be looked up to and respected. I enjoyed his art, music and work on animal hospital. He even appeared on Kate Bush's 2005 album Aerial. The pinnacle of his career could be his portrait of the Queen. I must admit, it's not my favourite piece of art but it has it's place none the less. According to news reports the portrait has suddenly disappeared. To where no one seems to know.

Mystery over Rolf Harris Royal portrait

Up until now I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Innocent until proven guilty. I hoped it was all a terrible mistake and he was the victim of Gold Diggers. Tonight I can no longer hold onto that naive misconception.

Tonight I feel great sadness, revulsion and deceived by Rolf Harris. A man I looked up to and had admired for a great many years.

Who will tie your Kangaroo down when they cart you off in the Black Maria Rolf?


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Friday, 30 May 2014

The Gasman Cometh

A couple of weeks ago the Southern Gas Networks turned up in our road to replace the gas pipes. They started off by digging up the verges and gardens on the opposite side of the road and liberally spreading mud all over the place. This included the top of my car, so I took to parking it further down the road.

Last friday I came home from work to discover a large hole right outside our gate and a very large and heavy paving slab in the middle of my lawn. I managed to get the slab off my lawn as I didn't want my grass killed. Over the weekend two cars managed to crash into the plastic barriers outside in the road and the neighbours children seemed to fiddle with the barriers most of the weekend.

On my return from work on Tuesday I was greeted by a very large hole where my front path used to be. Fortunately, they had covered the hole with a board so I could reach the front door, but they had deposited a huge pile of earth, clay and sand directly onto my front lawn. I was not happy. If they had asked for our permission before hand I would have told them to put it on the drive where it wouldn't damage the grass.

The following day they disconnected the gas supply while replacing the pipes and refused to relight our boiler as it's quite old. They went even further and have issued us with an "At Risk" notice, which means we can't use it until it's been looked at. The problem for us is that it's very old and spares are now thin on the ground these days. This could end up costing us £1000's. At least I suppose it's good news that it's May and not December.

Today they have filled in the giant hole in front of our door and relaid the paving slabs. Time will tell whether they have been reseated properly or not. The bad news is that the lawn is wrecked and the whole garden, lawn and drive has turned into a mud bath. There's also mud on my motorbike, the front door and it's getting in the house too. Tomorrow I intend to jet wash the garden in an attempt to clean it up, but we still have the hole right outside our gate and this evening I can smell gas.

This whole episode reminds me of that famous song by Flanders & Swann. The Gasman cometh on Monday afternoon, for us at least.


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Friday, 2 May 2014

Orange Awakening

As I’ve mentioned before, my parents are classical music fans and have never really embraced popular music. As a consequence I wasn’t exposed to pop music in my youth and missed out on the music of the 1970’s almost completely. I only really discovered pop music in about 1982 when I started secondary school. I suppose that because of this my favourite genre of music has always 1980’s syntherzer pop, such as Howard Jones, Dépêche Mode and Yazoo. Later I discovered Jean Michael Jarre and later still, Iron Maiden. In fact I didn’t really discover Led Zeppelin until about 7 2008.

I was aware on a German group called Tangerine Dream, but never really paid them too much attention, until yesterday. I was at a lose end music wise and a colleague mentioned that he had been to see (and hear) Rick Wakeman in Birmingham on Tuesday. This lead to a conversion about whether he and another colleague should see Tangerine Dream later this year. I decided to have a quick browse through iTunes and came across a compilation album of their early 1970’s material, so I took the plunge. It’s called “The Virgin Years – 1974 to 1978”.

OMG!!!! It’s awesome and 24 hours later, I’m still hooked. I would describe it as a cross between early Jean Michael Jarre but with less structure and electronic Jazz. It just washes over you in smooth melodic wave after wave of soothing sound.

This is the kind of music that I should be writing. Perhaps I should fire up my home studio equipment once more and unleash my unbridled talents upon an unsuspecting world once more. You have been warned 8-)


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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Potters Fields Bermondsey

Potters Fields is a small green space which borders Tooley Street, the River Thames, More London and Tower Bridge in London. 

Today it is a small park in the shadow of City Hall (or Boris’s Place as I call it) and there’s always something odd going on. One of the first activities I witnesses there was a Lycra clad women who was trying to uproot a tree with an oversized rubber band.

Next there was a metal pen that had been erected on the grass, which was holding back a large number of bright pink Space Hoppers. This was closely followed by a large tent which was displaying a new Electric Taxi. Yesterday evening, due to the sudden change in the weather, it was packed with tourists photographing the City skyline and sun bathing on the damp grass.

There are also the regular dogs walkers, commuters passing through and the guy with the Ghostbusters backpack blowing the leaves and puddles off the path.

One thing’s for sure, there is never a dull moment at Potters Fields.


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Has the Blog had its Day?

I’ve been blogging on and off for a little over 8 years now. I suspect that most of my rambling have largely gone unnoticed by the world in general. In fact, I probably get more attention to my insightful observations of the world from my Facebook followers than by direct interaction via this blog.

I do enjoy the medium of the blog, as it allows me to record my thoughts in a unique and direct way. I can say what I like (within reason). These words I can craft at length until I am happy with them and only then do I release them to an uninterested public. Once I have released them into the wild, there they sit forever. This allows my views to be completely ignored by billions of people worldwide. What more could the modern blogger ask for?

In between those flashes of writing inspiration I do enjoy reading the ramblings of other bloggers. Over the years a number of those I’ve followed have progressed to writing books based upon their blogs. However, most just seem to have vanished from the face of the planet without trace. Have these tortured souls given up, been diverted by other interests or been abducted by aliens. I will probably never know which it is.

In the meantime, I shall continue to comment on my very personnel and perhaps twisted view of the world about me. I hope you continue to enjoy not reading my ramblings. Until next time ……..


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Monday, 21 April 2014

Polishing Shoes

My Dad did his National Service in the East Surrey Regiment, joining the Army Band and signing up for an extra 5 years. He once told me that he would make extra money by polishing everyone else's boots too. 

This skill he passed on to me. There's something therapeutic about polishing shoes and it will always remind me of my Dad.

Love you Dad xxxx 



Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Bearded Man of Tower Bridge

There is an old guy, I assume homeless, who always sits on the North West side of Tower Bridge. He sits and watches the world go by and offers everyone a toothy smile. He sports a rather impressive, if unkempt beard and never annoys or harasses.

I know not his name or his circumstance. I wish him well in his simple but hard life. Be safe, happy bearded man.




Friday, 3 January 2014

Good Bye Croydon Old Friend

I've spent most of the last 23 years working in Croydon. In that time I have worked in three different offices.
Southern House, Croydon - 7th December 2006 (1990-2002 & 2006-2009)

46 George Street, Croydon - (2002-2006)
No.1 Croydon - 11th May 2010 (2010-2014)
It's not the most exciting or beautiful of places, but to me it has become my second home. I even went to College there.
Croydon College
Today however is my last day of employment in Croydon for the foreseeable future. After exactly 4 years in my current position, I have decided to move on. My new role will take me to a modern office building in the heart of London. In fact, it is virtually in the shadow of that iconic London structure, Tower Bridge. The area where my new office is situated appeared on an 'Art of Noise' 12" single sleeve when I was still at school.

Although I shall miss Croydon with all her idiosyncrasies, ugly buildings and tram system, I shall still pass by her everyday on my way to the Big Smoke.

Croydon from the Office - 11th January 2007
Good bye old friend, I'm going to miss you!


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