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Friday, 3 May 2013

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter

Spring has this year been a long time coming. Even the Daffodils were very late to arrive, but at last things seem to be looking up.

The weekend before last we got in our first camping trip in our new (to us) Folding Camper. Although it was cold at night, with frost in the mornings, we managed to stay warm and it was very nearly shorts weather during the days. All too soon it was over and we had to make our return to reality. Fortunately the Folding Camper (or FC) will help us to get away from our mundane everyday existence far more often than our tent ever did. It’s very quick to erect, simple to pack away and doesn’t require the faffing about that comes with the roof box we bought year before last. In fact once packed correctly, the FC will stay loaded for the whole season and all we need to take in the car will be clothing and food. We are still trying to perfect the loading of the FC, but we should have it down to a fine art after another trip or two. In fact we are already planning several more trips, both weekends and longer. Junior has invited a school friend on our August getaway, which means we must fit as much in the FC as we can because we will need all four seats in the car. This will be quite a challenge as we are not known for travelling lightly.

We have also discovered that by joining the Camping and Caravan Club (CCC) we can save quite a bit on camping fees. Our first trip out was to a CCC site in Graffham, West Sussex, which turned out to be an amazing camp site in the middle of a forest near Petworth, West Sussex. I can highly recommend the site and you can read my review on the “UK Campsite” website.

When I get some time to myself I will try to catch up with my blogging. Such informative rantings are likely to include,

• Camping
• Fitting a Towbar and car electrics
• My loft accident
• My Dads Hospital saga
• How much I hate my current job
• I want to be a tree
• My new phone (I hope) 

 BTW – There are no prizes for guess which song the title of this blog comes from, but feel free to add your guesses in the comments 8-)


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