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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tuesday Morning

Today is Tuesday, the day after the August Bank Holiday. As I walk to the station I see numberous people putting out their rubbish for collection. There's a middle aged women in her pajamas who just nipped out to put her bags by the kerb. A little further on I see a council worker attending to a fault on his ride-on mower, before he continues on his way leaving a trail of grass cuttings behind him.

I then spot a Man in a freshly ironed shirt adding recycling to his Red Top bin. As I draw nearer I notice that he's not wearing any trousers. Just an unflattering pair of white Y-fronts with black piping. Rather than dashing out, placing his rubbish quickly in the bin and dashing in again, he loiters far longer than required. It's as if he saying to the world, "Look at me, I have no shame". I wonder if he regularly treats his neighbours to this display?

As I hurry on, my mind returns to my day ahead. My heart sinks as I think of the tight deadlines I have to meet.

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