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Thursday, 31 May 2007

Is Dusseldorf Safe?

A colleague of mine has just drawn my attention to this article on the BBC News website.

German drives down subway stairs

A German woman in Dusseldorf blocked the entrance to an underground station when she mistook it for a subterranean car park, police said on Wednesday.

And I thought the Germans were a careful race. It just goes to show how wrong you can be!


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Is Arundel Safe?

A quite bizarre turn of events has taken place in the Sussex town of Arundel over the past year.

The first was a fire at the Fire Station in October last year, which caused extensive damage to the building and destroyed the Fire Engine. Apparently the station is served by retained fire fighters and was not manned at the time. The main problem was that the station did not have a smoke or fire alarm system, so it was left to the neighbouring Ambulance Station staff, who noticed smoke, to report it.

This week a Police Man at the towns Police station had his car stolen from the Police Station while he was at work. It was not clear whether the car was broken into with or with the keys. The news report is not clear on this, but did suggest that the thief first broke into the Police station. May he stole the car keys from there.

I bet the Ambulance service, next to the Fire Station, are wondering if they will be next on the “Strange, But True” list?

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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Chav TV Is On The Loose....Again 8-(


Big Brother has started again. Which means I won't get a look at the television for the next eight weeks or so. I will have to put up with inane conversations about sad people that have no self respect or intelligence.

The sort of people who sign up to Big Brother must be lonely souls with very low self esteem. Why else would they do that to themselves? I can't think of anything I'd rather do less than to spend my time sitting round talking to those sad people.

My comment would be, "Get out there and get yourselves proper jobs"

On a positive note, all the TV deprivation will allow me to keep my blog more up to date. You lucky, lucky people 8-)


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Monday, 28 May 2007

The Building Work Is Nearly Done

We are now a two toilet family and after many years of waiting we finally have our shower installed.

About 10 years ago I started a bathroom refurbishment project, which has taken far too long to complete. I said that I would not start any other projects until it was finished, but my Wife had other ideas. There always seemed to be something better or more important to do. As a consequence it has never been completely finished.

Since the bathroom was started we have done the lounge, dining room, double glazing and last year a down stairs toilet/laundry room extension. Over the last month we have really pulled our fingers out and things have moved along at a huge pace. The shower has been fitted and both the upstairs and downstairs toilets have been fitted. I have to admit that I only did the plumbing for the down stairs loo. We got a plumber in to do the rest.

It does mean that I can now get on with the finishing touches and yesterday I moved the washing machine from the kitchen to the laundry room. Amazingly it was actually a "five minute job", which took five minutes and not my usual two days. My wife was surprised how smoothly it all went. To be honest, so was I.

When I plumbed the extension a few weeks ago I ended up flooding the kitchen twice in one day. The washing machine in comparison was a breeze.

Today I'm supposed to be wiring up the extensions lighting system, but as yet I haven't found the motivation. Catching up on my Blog seems a more inviting prospect. The torch will have to remain a little longer. However, I've promised the wife that I'll fit a new worktop in the kitchen to cover the space left by the washing machine. Me and my big mouth.


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May Is Just A Blur

For most of May I've been rushed off my feet working 24/7. Well at least that's how it felt.

Over the first May Bank holiday I was supposed to work three night shifts, which ended up becoming five nights due to various technical hitches allong the way. I had a few hours rest on Wednesday 8th, by Thursday I was back on days. Friday 4th I was back to nights and managed to set a new record by doing two separate commissionings in one night shift.

I spent the next week unable to sleep at night and feeling wiped out during to day. I just couldn't stay aware at work. Last weekend (20th & 21th) I did nothing but rest.

Having just reviewed what I wrote in the last few paragraphs it doesn't add up. Looking back at all the long and confused days & nights I've worked this month it doesn't fit.
It's as if someone stuck another week in May when my back was turned. I can clearly remember spending last weekend (20th & 21th) hacking the garden and I've got the new plants to prove it too. Maybe I just imaganed resting!

I think I need a holiday, but I doubt my boss will let me have the time off 8-(


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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Moore blames women for 'banal' TV

This is an interesting article that I found on the BBC News Website today. Although I agree in principle with his views, some of his statements, I feel, are a little sexist. However, I particularly liked his thoughts on Big Brother.

"I would rather be dead in a ditch than appear on Celebrity Big Brother."

I doff my hat to you Sir Patrick.

My problem with Saturday night television is that there nothing that interests me. The only exception being Dr Who, of which I’m a big fan. The whole evening is filled with banal quiz shows, reality shows and the National Lottery. I’m not in the slightest bit interested in watching some “Z” list celebrity dancing or ice skating. And what the hell is all this “X” Factor rubbish all about?

What I’d like to see on a Saturday night is a good film.

Here endith the ‘Grumpy Old Man” whinge. Now who’s moved my slippers?

Original BBC Article - Moore blames women for 'banal' TV


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