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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Moore blames women for 'banal' TV

This is an interesting article that I found on the BBC News Website today. Although I agree in principle with his views, some of his statements, I feel, are a little sexist. However, I particularly liked his thoughts on Big Brother.

"I would rather be dead in a ditch than appear on Celebrity Big Brother."

I doff my hat to you Sir Patrick.

My problem with Saturday night television is that there nothing that interests me. The only exception being Dr Who, of which I’m a big fan. The whole evening is filled with banal quiz shows, reality shows and the National Lottery. I’m not in the slightest bit interested in watching some “Z” list celebrity dancing or ice skating. And what the hell is all this “X” Factor rubbish all about?

What I’d like to see on a Saturday night is a good film.

Here endith the ‘Grumpy Old Man” whinge. Now who’s moved my slippers?

Original BBC Article - Moore blames women for 'banal' TV


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