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Monday, 28 May 2007

May Is Just A Blur

For most of May I've been rushed off my feet working 24/7. Well at least that's how it felt.

Over the first May Bank holiday I was supposed to work three night shifts, which ended up becoming five nights due to various technical hitches allong the way. I had a few hours rest on Wednesday 8th, by Thursday I was back on days. Friday 4th I was back to nights and managed to set a new record by doing two separate commissionings in one night shift.

I spent the next week unable to sleep at night and feeling wiped out during to day. I just couldn't stay aware at work. Last weekend (20th & 21th) I did nothing but rest.

Having just reviewed what I wrote in the last few paragraphs it doesn't add up. Looking back at all the long and confused days & nights I've worked this month it doesn't fit.
It's as if someone stuck another week in May when my back was turned. I can clearly remember spending last weekend (20th & 21th) hacking the garden and I've got the new plants to prove it too. Maybe I just imaganed resting!

I think I need a holiday, but I doubt my boss will let me have the time off 8-(


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