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Thursday, 31 May 2007

Is Arundel Safe?

A quite bizarre turn of events has taken place in the Sussex town of Arundel over the past year.

The first was a fire at the Fire Station in October last year, which caused extensive damage to the building and destroyed the Fire Engine. Apparently the station is served by retained fire fighters and was not manned at the time. The main problem was that the station did not have a smoke or fire alarm system, so it was left to the neighbouring Ambulance Station staff, who noticed smoke, to report it.

This week a Police Man at the towns Police station had his car stolen from the Police Station while he was at work. It was not clear whether the car was broken into with or with the keys. The news report is not clear on this, but did suggest that the thief first broke into the Police station. May he stole the car keys from there.

I bet the Ambulance service, next to the Fire Station, are wondering if they will be next on the “Strange, But True” list?

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