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Sunday, 3 December 2006

Wonderful Customer Service … NOT!

All this talk of my various visits to Curry’s (see previous article) has remained me of an experience of stunning customer service I received last weekend from another store within the Dixon’s Group of companies.

Last Saturday I went to PC World to buy a PC joystick for my Sons Flight Simulator. I found a stack of suitable joysticks at the end of an isle. None of them were priced up and the neither was the racking. I hunted round to see if there were more on another rack, but could only find different models. In my quest for fiscal enlightenment I collared a passing spotty ‘yoof’ dressed in company uniform and asked,

“Could you tell me how much these are please?”.

After a few seconds of doing an impression of a rabbit caught in a cars headlight beam, he was rescued by another passing colleague. I heard him whisper “£20 or £30” to our captive ‘yoof’, and he continued on with his journey.

“£20 or £30” replied the ‘yoof’ happily.

I continued “So which is it to be, £20 or £30 ?”.

“Don’t know” said the ‘yoof’ “You’ll have to go to the till”, and promptly disappeared like a flash of lightning, before I could clip him round the ear.

I was extremely unimpressed with this stunning bit of customer service.

Unfortunately, the Dixon’s group have us by the ‘short & curlys’ as they have seen off most of the competition and now dominate the whole of the electrical appliance market here in the UK. The only alternative is Comet, but their prices are exactly the same as Dixon’s.

If you don’t know which retailers the Dixon’s Group owns, here is a handy list.

  • PC World

  • Currys

  • Dixons (now Currys Digital)

  • The Link

If you know of any I’ve missed, please let me know and I’ll add them on.


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