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Monday, 4 June 2007

One Swallow A Summer Does Not Make

In recent years I’ve enjoyed sitting in the garden on a summer evening just taking in the air. A couple of years ago I noticed that there are quite a few Swallows flying high catching insects. They have quiet a distinctive call, which has always reminded of the low hot summers of my childhood.

Yesterday evening I spotted the first visiting pair swooping high in the sky and it really lifted my spirits, bring back all those happy memories once more.

It gave me the opportunity to use the phase “One Swallow a summer does not make”. Despite extensive research I have been unable to trace the origins of the phrase. My interpretation would be that although Swallows are associated with good weather, their appearance in England doesn’t guarantee it won’t rain. Perhaps we’ll have to wait a few weeks for several more pairs to arrive.

Whatever the reasoning behind it, as always, I’m glad to see their return.


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