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Friday, 27 July 2007

I’m Back In The thick Of The Action....

....Sooner Than Expected

I had a pleasant surprise when I returned from work on Tuesday. There waiting patiently for me was a white box, which contained an Microsoft Xbox 360. I was informed by a polite letter that it wasn’t my original machine, but a replacement one. Apparently Microsoft was concerned that I would be suicidal because I couldn’t play my favourite games while my broken Xbox was being repaired. Therefore they decided to send me a replacement immediately to reduce my suffering. How thoughtful of them. Judging by the date of manufacture on the unit it is not a new one, but someone else’s repaired unit. I don’t really mind as long as this one works and remains operational.

Thank you Microsoft for the quick turnaround. I had expected to have to wait for at least a month, but the replacement only took 9 working days. On the phone I was told it would be at least 15, possibly even 25. It’s nice to be proved wrong occasionally.

I take back all those insults and I'm impressed with the service. Top marks Microsoft 8-)


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