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Friday, 13 February 2009

Women Pays £50 to Call Off Contract on Husband

A Turkish Cypriot Woman from Tottenham North London was depressed and fed-up with her Husband, she decided to have an affair. While chatting to a fellow Mum at her child's school, the other women suggested that she have her husband murdered. The disgruntled Wife though it was a good idea and arranged to pay the other woman and her friend £800 to carryout the deadly deed.

The following day, the Wife was feeling a bit guilty and decided to tell her husband about her affair and the contract she took took out on him. I get the impression that he was a little miffed about it and asked his Wife to cancel the contract, which she duly did. The really funny part is that her friend demanded a cancellation fee of £50.

The woman was given an a 10 month sentence suspended for 2 years, but her friend and the hired murderer got off Scott free. They claimed that they never intended to carryout the murder and were "Just testing her resolve". Fleecing a very stupid women more like!!!!

If there is anyone reading this who is in a similar situation, may I suggest divorce as any less risky alternative.

Original Article from BBC News - Life lessons for death plot wife


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