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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Greenpeace Visit Nestle Tower in Croydon

I was walking allow George Street in Croydon this lunchtime and spotted this temporary banner hung over the usual advertising hoarding.
Give me a break

A little further down the road, outside Croydon College I spotted two more.

Give me a break #2

Nestle have their UK Headquarters, Nestle Tower, on the Wellesley Road in Croydon. I thought I'd pop down there to see if anything was going on.

Greenpeace Visit Croydon

Just about the banner are two protesters wearing climbing gear and one more either side of the canopy. In front of the building there are a number of protesters dressed as monkey and of course the Police were also there to keep an eye on things. There was no trouble and everyone seemed to be having a good and friendly time while making their point.

Greenpeace Visit Croydon

Their point, being a valid one (in my opinion at least) is that farmers wanting to make palm oil for Nestle are causing deforestation. This practice is destroying the habits of various species, including Primates.

What give us to right to vandalise vast parts of the world so we can maintain or comfy life style here in the West? You can't say it's not my fault, because we are all guilty of apathy as these things are done in our name!

Food for thought I think.

Read More Here - greenpeace.org.uk


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  1. I was in George Street in Croydon ... And I saw the announcement ... was good!, I believe in conservation and I think the mission of peace green is great!

  2. Viagra - I agree. Interesting user name and it's Green Peace, not peace green.

    Stacey - Thank you for stopping by to say Hi. Why does your account have no profile?