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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Life Begins At 40 ...

... or so we're told.

Yesterday I turned 40. It's nice to know that I have successfully lasted this long without any major mishaps or serious problems. I do however have the odd ache here & there. I've also noticed that my eyesight is not quite what it once was. But it could be far worse I suppose.

The question is, can I manage to bumble along for another 40 to 60 years? I suppose I'll just have to wait & see. That does rather assume that my eyesight doesn't get too bad in the intervening years. LOL.

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1 comment:

  1. You can do it!

    40 is nothing. I just think you need to find your hobby and enjoy it to still be happy and not think about your actual age.
    I actually turned it into a business, creating a blog just like you and finally turning it into a website that grow'd with me.

    I'm already 52 and time flyd by so fast since then!

    Anyway i did it with this good website company, you can check them out if you want... Or if you have another way, i would like to know it (read it...haha)

    thanks chris