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Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Cats In Need Of Good Homes

My Father-in-Law (Gould Bless Him) has now been in his own retirement flat having a lost his Wife suddenly nearly 5 years ago. Up until then he shared a house with his youngest Son. A situation which caused an awful lot of family tension. I’m not prepared to go into detail here, but suffice to say it didn’t work well.

As I mentioned earlier, he now lives alone and has of late become very lonely. I suggested to him some months ago that he should consider giving a rescue cat a new home. There are plenty that need caring for and it would be company for him.

Last weekend he decided to ‘extract himself from his arm chair’ (a family joke) long enough to
make a phone call to the local branch of the Cats Protection League.

A member of the local branch visited him and he was promptly approved as being suitable to home a cat.

On Monday we took him to a large house in Reigate Surrey to meet some needy moggies. We were shown to one of the many enclosures they have there and introduced to about 30 gorgeous cats. The poor things were so pleased to see us and I was only too pleased to make new friends. One particularly large 3 year old male was very taken with my Father-in-Law (god bless him). It was most definatly the cat that did the choosing, not the other way round. If you know cats, you will of course know that this is the correct procedure for an owner to choose it’s new human 8-)

Talking to the lady from the league, I discovered that all 32 of those cats were found living in a woman’s kitchen. She wouldn’t give anymore details, but I just read between the lines. As a branch they currently have around 140 un-wanted cats, which is particularly high for this time of year. The problem is that as well as the 32 we met, they also have another 45 recently rescued from another house.

I despair of people sometimes. I just don’t get it. What drives people to treat animals in such in-humane ways?

Any way, I had a wonderful time with these friendly felines and made lots of new friends. There were 2 which I hit it off with particularly well. One was a young black & white female who could take all the fussing I could muster. The other was a male orange tabby by the name of Bruce, who had the most amazing blue eyes. I had to be dragged away kicking and screaming. My wife even checked my pockets to make sure I didn’t have any of them hidden about my person.

My Father-in-Law (Gould Bless Him) will be able to bring his new friend home on Friday. He has to have his injections, be neutered and chipped first. The cat, not my Father-in-Law.

I can’t wait for our return visit. I must wear a large coat with hidden pockets this time. But don’t tell the wife.

These volunteers do a very important job in rescuing, nursing back to health and homing these and many more cats. They are a charity and rely on donations to do all this great work. Please give something if you can.

If you are interested in giving a cat a new home, they would be very pleased to hear from you. Please be aware that you are more likely to be offered an adult cat than a kitten. Details of there branches are on there website at - http://www.cats.org.uk


I’ve just notice that Cats Protection are holding a photographic competition. I have just the photo to enter with.


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