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Saturday, 2 August 2008

It’s Formula 1, For Sure

Every other week we as a family are glue to the TV to watch the trials and tribulation of the Formula 1 motor racing world. This year we have been paying particular attention to the career of number one British driver Lewis Hamilton. He’s doing rather nicely at present too. Let’s hope he can manage to keep this success going and gain himself a World Championship in only his second season.

However, over the last couple of years we have noticed a rather worrying trend amongst drivers whose first language is not English. During many of the post race press conferences they seem to repeatedly use the phase “For Sure”. In one such conference last year, Kimi Räikkönen said it a total of 23 times !!!!!

This year the situation has got even worse. Now the Brits have started. On at least two occasions Lewis Hamilton has said it and during today’s qualifying session, even guest commentator Damien Hill said it.

Who will be next? Gordon Brown, during Prime Ministers Question Time?

Usage of “For Sure” in English


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