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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Twelve into Nine does not go!

If you are a regular reader, you will probably know that my daily commute to work has become a constant source of annoyance to me and regular provides me with blogging material. This week has been no exception either.

Christmas, which is an expensive time of year, is fast approaching. January is always a hard month financially, post Christmas blues, above inflation season ticket increases and the extra bonus of an increase in VAT. And did I mention that my wife has been unable to find a permanent job? Her current role ends on New Years day! 2011 promises to be a fun year all round.

For the last twelve months I have really enjoyed paying £1980 to Southern Railway for the pleasure of travelling on increasingly over crowd trains. This week sees an improvement in services, so we ate told. All I have seen so far this week in a reduction in the length of my regular morning service from 12 to 9 carriages. How exactly is this an improvement?

Have I imagined it or have I finally graduated into a Grumpy Old Man?

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