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Monday, 13 December 2010

Improved timetable?

On the radio this morning there was an avert from Southern Railway. It was telling listeners how a new timetable to be introduced this week, will improve journey time & increase train lengths. Oh good, I thought. That will mean a greater chance of getting a seat in the morning 8-)

This morning my train was only a couple of minutes late and 3 carriages short. I managed to get in the door by about 2 steps and was wedged there. This ment that I was at least 1 person away from any sides or hand rail. Being only 5"8', this was a problem because as the train bounced and lurched it way along I could support myself. I had no choice but to use the poor chap behind me as a battering ramp on at least 3 occasions. I'd like to apologise if that was you.

Welcome to Southend Railway excellent new timetable.... NOT!

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