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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Oooo, I could crush a grape!

This morning is a bright crispy one and the temperature is at freezing point. I love days like this, but it tends to have an adverse affect on my daily commute. Today is no exception and the trains into London are in complete chaos. Even my iPhone timetable app has thrown in the towel.

I have however managed to squeeze myself onto a stopping service to London Bridge, which is no longer stopping as often. I was lucky as I've managed to push myself out of the vestibule, just. I found a bearable piece of floor on which to stand next to the first table from the entrance.

However, it's those poor souls who boarded at Gatwick that I felt most sorry for. The vestibule between the doors had turned into a wine press. Fortunately many of them exploded onto the platform at Redhill when the pressure was released by the doors. I too have managed to move into the train a few steps further and now have a seat handle to grab as the train slowly lurches towards the Capital.

Welcome to Britan, one of the richest countries in the world and the most over crowded in Europe.

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