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Monday, 8 November 2010

I love trains ... Most of the time

I'm on my way to Derby for a training course, which my previous employer refused to send me on. It'll be a tough week with lots to take in, but very worthwhile. For me this is an important step forward.

I got up bright & early, with a spring in my step. Even the horrid dark blustery weather on my walk to the station didn't dampen my spirits. Unfortunately, my mood changed a little when I discovered that all the trains to London were delayed due to the seasons leaf fall. My chosen services was 10 minutes late and didn't make my connection at St. Pancras. The next train was due to leave at 8:25. I found the correct platform and bounded what I thought was the Sheffield service and made myself comfortable.

Shortly after there was an announcement, "Welcome to the East Midlands Trains 8:30 service to Nottingham". It took a moment for the penny to drop and asking a follow passenger if I'd heard correctly, confirmed my mistake. Apparently my train was at the other end of the platform. Dashing off the train, I stood on the platform and watched the Sheffield service leave without me. I gave it a little wave, with a clenched fist.


I am now on the 8:55 train to Derby, a mire hour later than I had expected. I hope my day improves from here!

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