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Monday, 19 December 2011

Best Christmas Present Ever

My Brother-in-Law's Girlfriend (Chunkette) did a wonderful thing today. She delivered a healthy baby girl to the world. Mother & baby are doing well. I am so over welmed with joy, you'd think she was my baby. I'm so looking forward to meeting her, hopefully later today.

She has come at a great time and she offers such hope for the future. My wife's family have suffered great loss over the past few years, with the loss of both their parents, a sister and an elder Brother (Dopy) who is trying to drink himself to an early grave. The new arrival has provided a huge injection of hope into our hearts and I feel it is our way of fighting back. A way to rebalance to family.

I am on such a high right now that nothing could bring me down today. It takes me back to the day my Son arrived and the amazing joy he gave me. That was the best day of my life and I doubt that anything will ever beat that feeling.

My best wishes, love & hope go to the three of them.

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