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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Have Kindle, Will Read

This last Christmas my Wife and I bought each other eBook readers. We went for the new Kindle 4, which has no keyboard or touch screen. Although very basic, it is excellent value for money at only £89, it works very well and I am very impressed with the whole ebook reading experience. The screen is quite simple, but very clear in good light and unlike most tablets, is easy to read in bright sunlight.

Kindle e-reader: device frontal view
I wasn't sure what I should read first and was disappointed to find out that not all of Robert Rankin's books are available for Kindle. I am reading his books in order of publication dates so as not be out of sequence, but so far I am about 10 years behind. This means that the next two books in the series have yet to be Kindled. In the hope that this situation is resolved soon. I decided to try Terry Pratchett's Disc World Series, which is about 40 books long and all of them available in Kindle format. The first is "The Colour of Magic". It's ok, but I'm having trouble getting into it and I can't really explain why. As a consequence I have read two other books since buying that one, both of which I have since finished without completing "The Colour of Magic". These books are,
Inspector Gadget is the synonym of a serving Police Inspector in the British Police force. This book was written on the back of his quite famous Blog  , where he expresses his displeasure and exposes the lunatic why our Police Force is now run in the 21st century. A great read, but quite worrying at times. Read it, you WILL be shocked!
Stealth is Gail's first book and I was quite surprised just how good it is. I enjoyed the whole thing from cover to cover. If you like Fantasy/Supernatural stories, then Stealth is for you. I myself can't wait for her second book.


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