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Friday, 13 April 2012

Twitter Phishing Scam

Last night I received a text message that appeared to be a direct message from a Twitter user I'd never hesrd of. The message claimed that someone on Twitter was "saying bad things about me" and I should follow the supplied link. I perhaps unwisely, decided to click on the link. It took me a Web page that looked like the Twitter login page, but for some reason the URL looked wrong. I decided to go no further and check my Twitter account via the phones app.

Basically someone was trying to steal my Twitter account. Goodness knows why, it's not like I'm someone of any great importance to the World. Lol.

Just watch out for this and other similar scams. They are very common and often very plausible. NEVER give out your bank details or PIN numbers in response to emails or phone callers who are supposedly from your bank. If in doubt call them back using a phone number from your card or bank statement, not a number you received by email or phone call. Always be suspicious



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  1. Twitter scams or any other kinds, I think everybody should check Scam Detector, an app that Apple released recently. They have hundreds and hundreds of scams exposed, in several industries. For those interested, the app has an online presence as well: www.scam-detector.com

  2. So true, we have to always be on our guard. Expect it to get worse as you age, these scammers presume that once your past 60 your Gaga and will be taken in by anything!

  3. Technogran - Fortunately I've got a while before I get there. That's assuming that I do 8-0