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Tuesday, 5 September 2006

British Children Lose Use of Their Legs

When exactly did children lose the ability to walk to school?

Between 1975 and 1986 I managed walking to school quite adequately. I even used to walk home for lunch and I lived about a mile from the school. My legs didn’t wear out, I didn’t get run over and I was never abducted by aliens (or worse). So why is it that today children must be driven all the way to the school gates?

As a society we are teaching these young people that it’s OK to use our cars for short journeys and to hell with the environment. I strongly believe this to be a huge mistake. What sort of environmental and social responsibility is this teaching them?

Their health may also be suffering due to all the exercise that they are missing out on. Only last week I read an article about a 9 year girl who weighs 12 stone and we are constantly being told how over-weight we are becoming as a society. Children who don’t walking to school are hardly going to make the situation any better now are they?


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