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Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Do All Roads Lead To Croydon?
No, Most Have Been Dug up!

The roads in Croydon seem to be developing holes at an alarming rate. These holes have nothing to do with the resent hot spell or the even more recent rain we’ve been experiencing in S.E. England. They are entirely due to the Croydon Council (I assume) having too much money which must be spent ASAP.

In recent weeks Coomb Road has been closed west bound, then east bound as well. The resultant tail backs have been a bit grim, but this was during the school holidays so not too bad.

Where I work in Central Croydon has become almost an Island surrounded by closed off roads, the Tramlink and bus lanes. In the direction I approach from, the South, there are 3 roads in. However, 2 of these roads were closed off when the Trams came to Croydon, leaving only one access point. Yesterday morning that too was closed, requiring me to find an alternative route in. These are the alternative approaches, which I have so far identified.

From the North – Possible, but I don’t know that area in any detail.
From the East – Excellent route, but closed off due to tram and bus lanes.
From the West - Good route, but closed off due to tram and bus lanes.

I therefore had no alternative but the Northern route. At the first junction – No Left Turn, Buses only. At the second junction No Left Turn. It was at this point that I considered I might get to Selhurst before finding a left turn!

In fact I made a right turn at junction 2, nip round a mini round-a-bout and came back across the junction from the other direction. At which point I realised that there were some more man made holes to negotiate. At least the road was still open this way. When the temporary traffic lights eventually turned green, it was a quick left and I was on the island.

Today’s ride to work was even worse due to the fact that all those legless darlings are back at School. As a consequence the traffic queues were almost back as far as Sanderstead & Selsdon. If this keeps up I’ll need a helicopter to get to work, not a bike.

When exactly did children lose the ability to walk to school? Actually, I think I’ll make that the subject of my next blog.


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