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Monday, 9 April 2007

DIY Issues – Part 1

Last year we had an extension built on the back of our house. It consists of two rooms – a toilet and a utility room. In an effort to save money I undertook to finish all the internal work myself. After all, my time is free.

It was a good plan, but the progress has been considerably slower than I would have liked. Over Christmas last I managed to get the toilet walls insulated and dry lined. The next stage was to paint the walls, fit all the plumbing and fittings. In an effort to avoid all the usual disagreements about colours, I decided to leave the final shade choice to my lovely Wife. We had already decided on some shade of peach.

When she returned from the DIY superstore she was armed with lots of sample pots so we could argue about shades. This had completely de-railed my plan of avoiding choice. Needless to say we couldn’t agree on a shade.

About six weeks ago I had arranged to take my Son out for the afternoon and my Wife was off to the DIY store once more to choose the paint. When I got home there was a roll of carpet precariously laying up the stairs. You can imagine my comments.

“I thought you were going to buy paint!”
“Do I staple or nail it to the wall?”
“Oh, it’s for the lounge. I suppose I’ll be laying that instead of finishing the toilet next weekend then”.

You get the idea.

The following week I enlisted the help of Chunky & Pablos to help move the furniture and lay the carpet. It went quite well, except the TV aerial lead that runs under the fireplace got damaged. As yet I haven’t had time to repair it properly.

Last weekend my dear Wife was once again dispatched to B&Q in search of this illusive peach paint. Half an hour later she called to say “They have gas barbeques on special and would you like one?”. “Where would we put it?” was my response. Our Patio is covered with old paving slabs from the front garden, our old bed and various other detritus left over from the extension project.

When she got home she had actually bought some paint, but it was pink and not peach as we had planned. I’ll just go with the flow in the hope of a quiet life.


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