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Friday, 8 January 2010

Have we turned soft down south?

On Tuesday evening it started to snow. By 6:30 Wednesday morning it was 4" deep and 2 hours later, 6" deep. This raised several questions for us at home.

1 - Would my son's school be open?

2 - Would I get a train to work?

3 - Who would look after Junior if his school was closed?

The first question was answered quite quickly by the local radio station. Question 2 looking like a definate no, which made the 3rd one easy to. It would be yours truly and Mrs P could walk to work. That wasn't a popular decision apparently, but a practical one none the less.

By Wednesday evening it was clear that Juniors school would be closed again on Thursday. This time Mrs P was to stay at home & I would try the train. To my surprise I had very little trouble getting to work and I even got a seat!!

Today (Friday) the school was still closed. Unable to get any child care, we decided to both go to work and trust Junior to stay at home on his own. After all he is now 13, he had everyone's phone numbers to hand and it was only for 4 hours. It all went very well and when I phoned him, he was sick of people checking up on him.

All this brings me to my main point.

Q- Are we so soft now that the powers that be won't let our little darlings into school because it's a bit slippery and they might fall over?

Q- Or are the schools worried that they'll get sued if one of their charges takes a tumble?

What kind of example is this setting for our youngsters? At this rate they'll grow up thinking it's ok to stay off work because it's a little nippy out!

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