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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More Lovely Snow

Just when I thought last weeks snow was showing signs of melting away, it snows some more. This when I'd just got used the walking on all that ice which still covers the pavements.

It wasn't too bad really as we only had about half an inch here in West Sussex. I hear it was far worse to the west of London.

Unlike last time it appears that few schools or trains are affected.

Fingers crossed that Juniors school bus arrives this morning. Yesterday it went AWOL, causing huge problems.

Enjoy the snow peeps 8-)


I spoke to soon. Juniors school is now not opening today. Another difficult day all round 8-(

I got to Croydon without drama and my colleagues managed to travel far further. What is it with teachers?

Did you know that the teachers get paid if they can't get in. The school kicthen staff don't and neither do Mrs P & I. Maybe that's the problem!!

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