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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Where we live there are quite a few elderly neighbours, who we like to look out for. Our two direct neighbours who we keep a particularly close eye on. On the right there's Auntie Dott and on the left Mr Ron (think Captain Scarlet). LOL.

Auntie Dott is in her 80's and is often on the phone with requests for help. Over the years I've helped her out with many plumbing and electrical problems. Mrs P often pops round the chemist to pickup her prescriptions. She is a regular customer and often supplies us with apple pies from the ones off our tree which fall her side of the fence.

Mr Ron is a less common customer of our services, but at 92 he is a very funny and interesting chap. Oh he does love a good chat and once you've been caught, you can't escape for hours. He lives on his own now and I hate to be rude by rushing off as he doesn't see many people. I hope that when I'm his grand old age, people will have time for me.

I had a phone call from Mr Ron the other night. He had a blown nightlight that he couldn't fix and could I help? I duly popped next door to afford a quick fix, but alas, it was not to be. Although he had managed to change the bulb before I arrived but this hadn’t helped at all. The unit itself was at fault and would have to be replaced. A great time to afford an escape, but alas, this was not to be.

He kept me hanging on with several of his life stories, some of which I had heard many times before. There were some new ones though. Apparently he had worked as a manager in a munitions factory during the war. He told me how the factory was built in a sand pit in North Kent. They dug out the sand, built the factory and then replaced the sand over the top to hide it from the air. Very cleaver I thought. He went on to tell me how he was taught to dance by the Ladies on the night shift at the factory. He told me about how he played football for Millwall, Cricket for Surrey and repaired clocks and watches in his spare time. Even today he collects clocks and watches from a local charity shop. Replaces them and then takes them back. In fact, while I was there I watched him, quick as a flash open up a digital watch and change it battery. I have to say that I was mighty impressed at his speed and accuracy considering his advancing years. Even I’d struggle to keep up with his level of speed and skill.

I eventually escaped 2.5 hours after turning up to change a lamp for him. Such is life!


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