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Monday, 11 October 2010

2 Shows, 22 Years Apart

In October 1988 two school friends and I queued up for over 8 hours in the rain in London's docklands to see a French man play some electronic music. The French man in question was the very talented Jean Micheal Jarre and the concert was Destination Docklands. It was a truly amazing experience and was one of the main reason I started to play the keyboard. I bought a T-shirt that day that still lives in my bottom draw, but I've long since lost touch with those two friends.

Fast forward 22 year and last night the talented Frenchman returned too the Docklands, but this time on the other side of the Thames at the O2. Once more I was in the audience with my good friend Pablos. Mr Jarre remembered his last visit. He said "Last time I was here it rained. This time there is a roof to protect me". His comment bought a lump to my throat and made me reflect on the intervening years.

It was another excellent concert, complete with his signature wild graphics and laser displays. I was positively drooling at his impressive collection of classic analogue synthesisers. Wall to wall Moogs and the like. Electronic porn heaven 8-)

I took quite a few photos of the event, but only with my iPhone. If any of them are useable I'll sick them on my next blog.

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1 comment:

  1. I love the comparison of the two concerts. So nice that he remembered the previous one, too. Impressive that someone can have the personal touch in a venue like the O2.