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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Is this the Governments Quango review or the Twilight Zone?

For those of you who don't know, Quango is an acronym which stands for "quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation". These are non elected bodies that have been set up by the Government to undertake various tasks, which they deem as useful. Such organisations include Network Rail, Offcom, Offpost, etc. However, there are currently 1,162 of these Quangos out there and most seem to be completely pointless. Some of them are completely unfathomable, even after researching them. My favourite so far has to be,

"Commission for the Compact"

Who, what, where and why? These are all valid questions and, to be quite honest, I'm struggling to answer any of them. I went to their website, http://www.thecompact.org.uk/ , and that just seems to be full of daft phrases that swallow up words, but mean nothing at all. This is what the website says about them,

This website explores the Compact, the longstanding agreement that sets out shared principles and guidelines for effective partnership working between government and the third sector in England.

What? The third sector? Give me a clue here please! Is it just me or does that sound like an extract of a Dr. Who script? Is this just a vehicle for people with Philosophy degrees to gain employment? Who knows as I don't have a clue!

The list of Quangos seems endless and many of them appear to be doing the same things over & over again. Some are to be merged, which seems sensible, but many are not. There are quite a few which deal with gambling in different sports. Why not bring those all together to reduce cost?

This governing game that gets played out by the "Westminster Muppet Show" drives me nuts. Why make it so complicated? Is it just an excuse to claim as much in public money as possible in an effort to line their own pockets? I think that is more than likely and I wish these people would stop pretending that they are doing all this money wasting for the public good. I truly believe the average "Man in the Street" is far smarter than these clowns give us credit for.


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