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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

David vs Goliath

As I think I mentioned in an earlier blog, I've never really been a big football fan. This was mainly due to me not being very sporty in my youth and all the thuggery at football matches. The final straw for me was the Heysel Stadium disaster in 1985, after which I became a Rugby fan and technology geek.

Many years later my Brother-in-Law Chunky moved in with us and being a football fan himself, got me interested again. I started watching Match of the Day with him and my Son, and eventually I started joining them at Crawley Town FC's home games.

After a few turbulent seasons, Crawley started to do quite well in the Blue Square Premiership, which is one level below Football League Two. Last year the club managed to pay off it's crippling debt and this season a new sponsor has enabled the team to buy some top players. At present it looks likely that we my win the league this year and gain promotion to League Two, where we can play with the big boys.

On top of this we have done surprisingly well in the FA, beating Swindon Town (League One), Derby County (Championship) and finally Torquay United (League Two). This meant that we were the first non-league team for years to get through to the 5th round. On Sunday 30th January this year we were drawn against one of the biggest clubs in the world. The Mighty Manchester United in an away fixture at Old Trafford.

Since then it seems that the whole Town has gone completely football mad. Our little town seems to be constantly in the local and national news. The Sun newspaper (sic) is a sudden sponsor. Even the Steve Boyce Band have written a tune to celebrate.

So this coming Saturday about 9,000 of us, myself, Junior and Chunky included, are travelling to Manchester to watch to game and you never now. We might even win! Wish us luck 8-)



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