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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Music: Howard Jones

My parents are from a Classical music background and "Top of The Pops" wasn't their thing. As a consequence I didn't really discover pop music until the early 1980's. It was of course an era of electronic music and I was hooked to the great sound of synthesizers.

Howard Jones was (and still is) one of the great keyboard wizards. I have followed his career ever since. Unfortunately, he no longer gets radio airplay.

Here is his first hit release on 17th September 1983 - "New Song"

I enjoyed that so much that I thought I'd post another of my favourites from 1984 - "Pearl in Shell"

And to end this blog I just had to add this master piece. It was released in March 1986 and reached No.16 in the UK charts, but I understand it made No.1 in the USA. It remains today one of my favourite songs. 
"No One Is To Blame". Enjoy.


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