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Saturday, 17 February 2007

And Then There Was One

Chunky and Chunkette have not been getting on too well since Christmas.Chesty-Lynn (Mrs. Trance-Elbow) and I have always thought that they had a strange kind of relationship. It seemed to be entirely based on arguments and who’s turn it was to buy the shopping. Chunkette once spoke to Chesty about how jealous she was of our close relationship.

It all came to a head just over two weeks ago, when Chunkette announced she was leaving. She was going to stay with her Mum and partner in Eastbourne. Apparently it was all arranged and Chunky knew all about it. This of course was not the case and he didn’t realise she was leaving until he had returned from work. She hadn’t even thought to ask her Mum if it would be OK for her to stay, which it wasn’t.

Suddenly her great escape plans were falling down around her ears. There she was on a very cold, frosty night, car absolutely stuffed with possessions and nowhere to stay. She said that she would just have to sleep in her car. I pointed out that this would be extremely fool hardy bearing in mind the sub-zero temperature outside and insisted she stayed at least until the morning. Fortunately she saw sense and stay another night. When I returned from work the following morning she had gone.

She was supposed to see Chunky last Sunday, but decided instead to come run to pickup the last of her belongings on Saturday while Chunky was out.

Chunky himself seems to be coping well with the separation, although we can’t tell how he really feels about it. For the time being he has decided to stay here with us, which is fine by me. I’ve enjoyed having him here as he adds chaos and entertainment to our otherwise mundane lives.


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  1. Oh yes, been there too, our 'chunky' stayed for almost a year. He's happily settled now with his new partner, who we love, you just have to hang in there.

  2. It's not really a problem and for somethings I'm glad he's decided to stay. He adds so much extra chaos to our lives, which stops us getting bored.

    If he's still here when we go on holiday he can look after the pets as well.