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Saturday, 24 February 2007

Cumbrian Train Crash

At 8:15 pm last night a London to Glasgow Vigin Pendolino train became de-railed at Grayrigg in the Lake District. It was travelling at 95 mph when the accident happened and all but one of the carriages left the track.

One 80 year old woman was killed and 5 other passengers were seriously injured. The driver, Ian Black from Scotland was among those seriously injured.

As a Signalling Systems engineer, I am always saddened by any railway related disaster and my prayers go out to those who’s lives had been directly effected by yesterdays events. I also thank all the emergency services and local residents who have been doing an excellent job to rescue and help all the passengers from the train.

I am astonished how well the Pendolino has stood up to this crash. Except for a few bits of aerodynamic and decorative plastic, the structural integrity of the train appears to be sound. None of the windows have broken and there seems to be little bodywork distortion. This obviously excellently designed train has undoubtedly saved countless fatalities and serious injuries. For that we can be truly thankful.

Only time will tell the exact cause of this accident, but it could have been so much worse.

Foot Note – These are only may personal comments and NOT those of my employer, Westinghouse Rail Systems Limited.


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