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Monday, 11 April 2011

Forgetful, Disorganised & Late

Those three innocuous words pretty much describe how I bumble through life. This morning was no exception either.

I climbed out of the shower with just 12 minutes to catch my train. It's a 15 minute walk to the station. Having decided that although it was a nice warm morning, getting dressed before dashing out would be a wise idea. The train would just have to manage without me today. Besides, there'll be another along 20 minutes later.

It gave me time to collect daily accessories together. These include my wallet, season ticket, lunch, headphones and keys. After a frantic search I realised that my key refused to be uncovered. It was then that I remembered forgetting to bring home a bag from my Mums after a visit yesterday. They must be in that very bag 8-( I'll just have to wing it today, in the hope that I'm not the first home tonight.

Mrs T-E kindly asked me to put the bins out ready for collection later. Today being the fortnightly recycling collection, I though I'd better empty the kitchen recycler on my way out. When I got to the front door, with no keys, I decided to put the recycler tray on the stairs while I hunted a spare key. CRASH! The hall was now full of various recyclable waste as the tray kindly over balanced. I found a key, unlocked the door, picked up the lose detritus from the floor, deposited it the recycling bin and dashed off to work.

Having plugged myself into the latest Above & Beyond Trance-cast on my iPhone, I realised that in my rush to leave I had completely forgotten to put either of the bins out. A quick call to Mrs T-E solved that, but I could tell from her lack of surprise that she is used to my ineptitude.

As I ended the call, I noticed that I had only 4 minutes to catch my late train. Luckily for me they hadn't quite closed the doors and I ran breathlessly onto the platform.

And now on with the rest of my poorly planned day 8-)

BTW - There is nothing unusual about this morning. It's often my lunch that I forget. Such is (my) life. LoL

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