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Friday, 15 April 2011

Spain: Train fares cut to save energy

This is an interesting concept which I would welcome here, especially if it reduces the cost of my daily commute. Here ia an outline of the Spanish Govt plans, as published by Railway Gazette,
SPAIN: Under a national energy-saving plan approved by the cabinet last month, fares on RENFE suburban and medium-distance services are to be cut by 5% to encourage greater use of public transport.

The Ministry of Development expects this to result in 22 million fewer car journeys into major cities over four months.

Along with a package of measures including a reduction in the motorway speed limit from 120 to 110 km/h, the plan aims to save 286 million barrels of oil and €23bn a year, cutting annual CO2 emissions by 125 million tonnes.
I do however think their figures are slightly over estimated and a 5% cut is not an enormous amount. On my annual season ticket I would only save £100. Over the course of 12 months that equates to a saving of only £8.33 per month. I doubt that will change the world very much. A good idea? Yes, but could do better!

Original article - Railway Gazette: Train fares cut to save energy

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