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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Strange Annoucements

I recently noticed an interesting announcement at my home railway station. It goes something like this,

"Please stand clear of the train at platform 2. It is ready to leave"

Not an unreasonable request you might think. However, it is very often used before the arriving train has even stopped. How exactly are we supposed to get on this service? Perhaps we are supposed to jump onto the outside and hang there like they do in India. That way Southern Railway can cram on even more people without spending any more money and still claim a capacity increase. Now there a bit of Blue-sky thinking for you.

Personally it's the poor ticket inspectors I feel sorry for. They will not doubt be expected to check the tickets of the hangers on. That'll be fun in the winter and I'm absolutely certain that Bob Crow will have something very loud to say on the subject.

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