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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Badger cull plans for England being unveiled

The Westminster Muppet Show once again have excelled themselves. The country is going to pot with National Debt running at it's highest ever level and they seem to think that a Badger cull will solve all our problems!

Apparently they believe that these wonderful creatures are spreading TB to cattle, which in turn is costing the country £100 million a year. Badgers are protected under UK and European law, but that doesn't seem to bother the loonies that weald the power in Westminster. Their plan is to issue licences to "selected" farmer to allow them to shoot Badgers, thus preventing the spread of TB amongst cattle.

I believe that this view that Badgers are the problem is flawed and the scientific evidence seems to back up my view. I can't remember the exact details, by the was a wide spread Badger cull in Ireland (I think) a few years ago and the result to cases of cattle TB was absolutely zero. The Badgers were almost completely wiped out and the TB problem still existed. Did this not tell the Govt' that their plan is seriously flawed? Obviously not, it would seem!

I have a different idea, which may be quite poplar if put to a public vote. Our government bodies and Quango's are full of un-elected, over paid people who seem to just swallow up public money with no obvious benefit to society. They cost us vastly more than the £100 million per year that bovine TB does. Perhaps the Westminster Muppet Show should consider issuing licenses to allow farmers to shot them instead. This would probably solve the National Debt problem and unemployment in record time and the Badgers can live in peace in our green and pleasant land.

Before I have the Security Forces breaking down my door and hauling off for a "Chat", I would like to point out that this is only an idol suggestion and I have no plans to actually threaten the safety of any of the parasites whom sponge of my taxes. I would also suggest that anyone reading this also apply a little common sense to the what I have written.

Original Article from BBC News Website - Badger cull plans for England being unveiled


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