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Friday, 9 June 2006

As One Door Closes, So Another Opens

I have today left my job and after a two week sabbatical, I will be starting a new one.

The chaps in the office had a wip round and bought me a nice little angle grinder as a leaving present. I do like power tools and this will be a useful addition to my growing collection. Its first duty will be in assisting me to cut a cat flap shaped hole in the wall of our new extension.

The original plan was to put a cat flap into the new external door, but this has proved to be impossible due to the design of door I chose for the job. The only solution is to mount it into the new toilet wall. I’m sure that future users of the facilities will be surprised to receive unexpected visits from our cat as she passes through.

I’m quite excited about taking up my new position in a fortnight. I will be providing much need assistance and experience to a great team of engineers, all of whom I know very well. The reason I know them so well is because I had worked with them for 14 years. I left them 4 years ago to progress my career, but unfortunately things didn't workout the way I had planned. So I have decided to return with renewed vigour and purposeful outlook.

In the meantime I plan to finish all those "I'll do it tomorrow" jobs at home. Watch this space for progress reports.


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