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Saturday, 3 June 2006

Honorary White Van Man Strikes Again

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Background to this Blog - Where Did My Bank Holidays Go?

Today I was reinstated as Honorary White Van Man. A friend of ours has sold his house, but hasn't got a new one to move into. Basically the house he was to buy is no longer availible and he didn't want to lose his buyer. As a consequence he had to find a temporary location for the entire contents of the old house.

Enter yours truely stage left. If this keeps up I'll either need to get a season ticket with the hire company or purchase my own van!

To cut a long story short (please wake up at the back) we took four very tightly packed van fulls of furnature, appliances and possessionsto a local storage company. The weather was lovely and hot, which isn't what you need when you're lugging heavy bits & pieces about. It took an awful lot of pushing, shoving and manuvouring to fit it all into a reasonable sized storage room. We managed it ... just. However, we did have to lean on the door a little to close it.

The photo at the top clearly illustrates what happens when you put too many video cassettes in a large flimsy box and then try to lift it into a van. I'm not the guilty party on this occasion, but you know who you are. Please don't do it again as it takes ages to pick them all up and repack them in a more appropriate matter..

I can't wait until we have to take all the stuff out again 8-(


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