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Monday, 1 May 2006

Where Did My Bank Holidays Go?

My Father-in-Law (Gould Bless Him) has this weekend moved from a two bedroom house into a one bedroom flat. As you may imagine he had far too much stuff to fit in his new flat. As the only family member who can be trusted to drive a van, I became the designated driver for the entire duration of the slimming down operation.

It all started on Good Friday with 4 transit van loads of previously loved stuff delivered to the council tip. On Easter Monday it was another 3 vans full to the tip. That was my Easter break neatly dispensed with.

The following weekend we didn't have the van. Therefore we had to make an untold number of further tip visits, only this time they were by car.

Fast forward to this weekend and the big moving day experience, again with yours truly doing a good impression of the now famous 'White Van Man'.
  • Saturday - furniture delivered and lugged here, there and everywhere.
  • Sunday - Oh Joy, back to the tip another 4 times.
  • Bank Holiday - Clean this, unpack that. I also had the usual 'Can you just put a socket there' and 'While your here, the washing machine needs plumbing'.

Unfortunate I had an early bath on the Saturday. I became so tired due to lack of sleep, too much lugging and no food, that I was unable to complete my White Van Man stint.

Now he's finally in his flat perhaps I can get back to ignoring all the jobs I need to complete at home. There's enough material in that statement to keep me Blogging for weeks.



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  1. Perhaps you can get back to ignoring finishing the bathroom!Oop's, you already have, for a mere EIGHT years!