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Sunday, 7 May 2006

Manufactured Groups - AAARRRGGGGHHH!

Our overly commercialised world seems to breed very poor (in my opinion) manufactured groups of singers. They sing inane songs that have been written by others. Where's the skill in that? If I wanted something manufactured I'd by a new washing machine!

They are generally referred to as Boy/Girl Bands. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as when I went to school a band was a group of musicians who played instruments. Has the dictionary definition of 'Band' changed in the last twenty years? Somehow I doubt it.

My Wife however is a big fan of the group (I refuse to use Band) Westlife and attends their concerts at least twice a year. Next Friday she will be seeing them at the Brighton Centre. She bought three ticket for the concert and had planned to go with her brother and his girl friend. However, she has refused to hand over the tickets as she has not been paid for them. She has decided to go with friend, who is also devoid of any musical taste and asked me if I would like to join them. "I would rather spend the evening with my head down the toilet", was my reply.

If you had no musical taste at all, the third ticket is currently on sale on my eBay account.

It Gets Worse

In the last few years we have also been subjected to a barrage of television talent shows of the Pop X Idol Factor genre. Talent, talent! Don't make me laugh. Those judges wouldn't know talent if they were hit by a bus full of it.

We have these programs to thank for such people as, Gareth Gates and others like him.

These programmes are nothing more than thinly vailed marketing tools aimed at Chavs with single figure IQ's. I wished the Taste Police would banish them for ever.

I do believe that I'm in danger of becoming a 'Grumpy Old Man', at such a young age too.


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