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Sunday, 21 May 2006

How Much Worse Can Television Become?

This week the quality of television programmes has once again reached the bottom of the Gene Pool. For the next 13 weeks we will be assaulted by that televisual abomination that is Big Brother.

As you have probably gathered by the above statement I'm not too keen on the programme. Why on Earth would I choose to spend my evenings watching a group of intellectually challenged social misfits around talking absolute b****cks?

The problem is that my Wife enjoys this sort of rubbish, so if I want to watch anything on TV for the next 3 months I'll either have to record it or skulk off to the bedroom.

How is this sort of crap allowed? Where are the taste Police when you need them?

Rant over - I wouldn't dignify this subject with anymore comment. It doesn't deserve the attention.


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