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Thursday, 4 May 2006

Where Did All The Insects Come From?

I'm a motorcyclist, but not the fair weather kind. I ride in sun, rain, wind, snow and whatever else the good Lord cares to throw at me. I was cut up by a Pigeon last week.

I've gone from full winter gear, complete with sexy thermal undies and socks, to my ventilated summer leathers. All this in under a week. Don't you just love the British weather?

Of course I'm not knocking the warmer weather, because I love it. It means more grip, improved visibility and taking the long way home. However, it does bring out all those little insects which seem to enjoy riding along with me. They get everywhere, even in my teeth if you I forget to put my visor down.

Their favourite resting place seems to be on my visor and always in my line of view. More often than not, by the time I get to my destination I can hardly see a thing. Fortunately, all it takes the get them off is a quick soaking with a wet paper towel and a little of elbow grease.

My question is this.

  • If motorbikes are better for the environment than cars. What effect I'm I having on the insect population?



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